Premium Formal School Foam Hat



Red oak was approached by 2 private schools to find a solution to Premium School Foam Hats that faded quickly and showed unsightly sweat marks. The Red Oak team had worked closely with international sports brands asics and kookaburra to develop a premium fabric that wicked sweat away and keep international sports people cool during sport. Using the same performance fabrics we reinvented the premium school formal foam hat. The Red oak performance fabric doesn’t not fade and does not show sweat marks.

Excellent feedback was received from both schools whom we developed this premium school forma hat with. It exceeded and performed better than the industry leader.  The Australian Standards on Headwear Sun Safety Guidelines of UV50+ rating is exceeded. Brim width at 8cm exceeds Cancer Councils recommendations, it is doing a great job providing excellent sun protection.

To ensure school uniform colour consistency on our school bucket hats we hold 15 colours in stock. With fabric colours held in stock we can provide fast production and sample lead times. If a specific school colour requires matching Red Oak does have the ability to produce small dye lots for a specific school.

Fast production lead times and favourable factory prices ensures this will become the new industry leader in premium school foam hats