Do you have a specific design and colours in mind for your school sports visor?

Let us help you!

Below is just a small selection of the colours you can choose from.


Custom Athletics Visor 001

Custom Athletics Visor 002

Custom Athletics Visor 003

Custom Athletics Visor 004

Custom Athletics Visor 005

Custom Athletics Visor 006

Custom Athletics Visor 007

Custom Athletics Visor 008

Custom Athletics Visor 009

Custom Athletics Visor 010

Custom Athletics Visor 011

Custom Athletics Visor 012

Custom Athletics Visor 013

Custom Athletics Visor 014

Custom Athletics Visor 015

Custom Athletics Visor 016

Custom Athletics Visor 017

Custom Athletics Visor 018

Custom Athletics Visor 019

Custom Athletics Visor 020

Custom Athletics Visor 021

Custom Athletics Visor 022

Custom Athletics Visor 023

Custom Athletics Visor 024


Our kids love the new School Reverse Bucket hats we have to our School. Blue during the week then reverse to their sports colour on Fridays for sports day. They are so light on their heads, easy to fold to put into their bags, easy to reverse and use with toggle.They wash well and haven’t faded. Red Oak Teamwears were great to deal with and helped us to find the best colours and designs for our School – Charleston East









BIG SELLER – used at NOOSA TRIATHLON since 2011

Made from High Performance Micromesh Fabric

Sublimated or High Quality Embroidery Front Logo


What hat colours can we choose from?

Red Oak Teamwears offer an extensive range of colours to choose from.  18 standard performance micromesh colours are held in stock to ensure colour consistency on all repeat orders.

Sublimation option exists to match club / team uniform designs

Can you customise headwear with our logo?

Yes! Embroidery Option

We provide flat and 3D embroidery options to all customers on all headwear styles. Our headwear factory is one of the best embroidery in the world. They are approved to manufacturer for Ferrari, Asics, McDonald’s North America and Walt Disney. To ensure world best embroidery with amazing details we use fine needles.

Sublimation Option

All sports visors have the ability to be sublimated. This enables our in house design to design and match your current team uniforms.

Screen printing is also available, our headwear screen printer is also world class and can deliver amazing detail on small and sponsor logos.

What is the most commonly used decoration method?

If your club seeks a competitive price embroidering club logo is the most cost effective solution.

Sublimated printed custom sports visors enables full customistaion to match existing club uniforms.

What is better – embroidery or screen printing?

Both options have their benefits. Both made in high quality manufacturing environment.

Embroidered logo is more cost effective but is limited to 18 standard colours.

Sublimation is slightly more expensive but with 300+ standard colour options. They can be designed to replicate your current team uniforms design.

Can you send us a mock-up of what our hat would look like?

Yes! We offer free artwork concepts. If time permits we provide free pre-production samples with embroidery included.

Is you custom headwear affordable?

Yes! Red Oak Teamwears source directly from a factory partner in China.  Red Oak Teamwears prides itself on quality, custom manufactured products at unbeatable value. Plus we simplify the process and make it easy for you.

Prices start from $7.95 + GST on large order quantities.

Cost competitive styles and more premium styles exist.

Are there any artwork set up fees?

No, we don’t have set-up fees for our embroidery or sublimation printed visors.

What sizes are available?

Our Sports Visors are available in adult and youth sizes.

The specific measurements for each size are:

  • Unisex One Size Fits Most (OSFM) – 57.5cm
  • Youth One Size Fits Most (OSFM) – 54.5cm

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, the sports visor is made to order in custom colours with custom logos. There is a minimum order quantity of 50 units for first order.

Can I request a sample?

Yes! If you’d like to view product quality and fabric colours, contact us here to request samples and a free quote.

Step 1 we send generic sample with colour charts.

Step 2 we create free artwork concepts including logos for approval.

Step 3 we provide pre production embroidered logo photos for sign off.

Do you have testimonials from other Red Oak Teamwears customers?

Yes, we have thousands of happy customers who have raved about the quality of our products and how efficient and friendly our sales team is. You can check out our client testimonials here.

Samples can be sent upon request to view product quality and fabric colours. Contact us to request samples and a free quote.

Our custom headwear range has evolved to become industry best. The Sports Visors is one of our bestselling lines. Customers love the fit and how they look

Supplied to all Noosa Triathlon participants since 2011. Over 80,000 units designed and supplied since 2011 across various events and for many customers.  Custo,ers lobe the great fit and how they look.

Red Oak Teamwears Teamwear stock 18 standard colours in performance micromesh fabric. Fabric markets near our headwear factory have 100+ extra colour options on order quantities exceeding 100 units.

Using sublimation printing techniques we have 300+ standard colours. These can be customized to match existing team uniforms.

Working to client brief our in house graphic design team will create free custom Sports Visor artwork concepts in nominated colour utilising your logo and sponsor logos

Our prices are factory direct to ensure you receive the best Sports Visors at industry best prices. We work with our customers to ensure caps are delivered before the date you need them.

Contact us to see why our customers rave about this product.